What 1 thing do you want for Christmas?

I went to write a simple answer to that question.

The answer was not as simple as it seemed.


I want a Christmas not like what all the commercial companies and corporations try to tell us it’s like, but to be the kind that everyone used to have when things were quieter and gentler.

I’d want everyone to be home with their families by noon on Christmas Eve. If anyone was the kind of person who might be considered a sad sack or be a problem of one kind or another, they would fall asleep right after the noon meal and sleep straight through until after Box Day.

I want the traditional meal to be served at the right time with any burnt toast or overcooked dumplings to be the delight of the family pet.

There would be no one alone on the street, because caring people, if only for one day, took someone in need under their wing. This person would have no expectations of anything more, and grateful for whatever they received.  Best of all they would know their true needs would always be taken care of.

When comes the time to open presents (if that is your tradition), while everyone might not receive all of what they may want, they will receive what they need Gratitude fills their heart.  When the party wound down, everyone would get to their own homes or resting places in safety and peace.

The following day families and their extensions, everyone present would enjoy each other’s company.  If anyone even felt like trouble, they would end up falling asleep somewhere out of the way and wake up after Box Day with the other batch of confused but harmless miscreants. Children play with their toys, adults enjoy their sweaters and smoking jackets and bottles of fine drink and fruitcake and everything is good and wholesome as it was in the early days — the days when Christmas trees were cut in the forest or woods and decorated with popcorn and cranberries strung together on sinew or thread and ribbons and bright, hard candy.

Those without kids (and the inevitable special few with), men with their partners and women with theirs, in their chosen way, would celebrate the season, grateful for having someone with whome to go through life. Single friends are welcome to enjoy the festivities, and when it came time to rest, everyone would have a place to lay their head .

g. stephen g.

And now, the goal of all this merriment is simply this: To recognize the good things, the important things in life, like love and compassion, kindness, and one’s free will, enjoyed by making decisions that support life and happiness for everyone. Having so much abundance at this time, at the end of the year, everyone may have a chance to see that the new year beginning in a few days will give us all a chance to make each day ahead better for themselves, in some small way, also for everyone else on this sphere, this big blue marble that ultimately keeps us all in good care in spite of ourselves.


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